The First Amendment Has No Age Limit

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The old adage “children should be seen and not heard” has been around since the dawn of civilization. For some reason, children don’t know any better and have no business inserting themselves in “grownup talk.”

I call B.S.

This one is for everyone trying to silence the children of Parkland, FL.  “Teenagers shouldn’t be making our laws!”

Teenagers helped start America.

The Marquis de Lafayette was just 19 when he joined the cause for independence. Alexander Hamilton was barely 21. Yet we have laws in this country that to be president, you must be at least 35 years of age and a natural born citizen. That excludes both Lafayette and Hamilton. Lafayette, of course, was born in France. Hamilton was born in Nevis. Both of them well under 35. But given the way Americans put our founding fathers on pedestals, and given how much Americans loved the Marquis, wouldn’t we have voted him as president?

These children of Parkland survived a terrorist attack. The FBI and the media somehow  can’t classify a white man as a terrorist, but that is where we are. This indoctrinated white man took a weapon into a school he had no business being in and opened fired, murdering more than a dozen children and teachers. And no, I am not talking about Sandy Hook.  These children are survivors, and they want to make sure no one else has to feel the terror they felt on Valentine’s Day 2018.

If they were marching on Washington demanding more access to guns to protect themselves in school, do you think the same people would be complaining? Would Laura Ingraham feel compelled to talk about the colleges that rejected one of the students? Would Dana Loesch feel the need to tweet at everyone who calls for the NRA to be dismantled?

The answer is no, friends. Of course they wouldn’t. Because these kids are not allowing themselves to be indoctrinated. They are using logic and reason and everything they should be using to come to their conclusions. You know, things you learn in school.

Children fought for the right to go to school. They won.

Now they’re fighting for the right to be SAFE in these schools.

They’ll win.

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