Sean Hannity is Michael Cohen’s Secret Client

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I repeat. Sean Hannity is Michael Cohen’s secret client.

In today’s WTF JUST HAPPENED news, it was revealed in court today that Sean Hannity is a client of Michael Cohen’s. Cohen, President Trump’s personal attorney, is currently under criminal investigation by the FBI and his office and home were recently raided.

I, like most of the country, had a moment of ‘uhhhhhh wut’ when the news broke.

The revelation came after a judge ordered Cohen’s attorneys to name a previously unnamed client who reportedly wished to remain anonymous. What is the “legal work” Hannity had Cohen do for him?

Hannity’s publicist, according to Shepard Smith of Fox News, claims Hannity never denied Cohen was his lawyer. But why would anyone think to ask such a thing, especially after Hannity reported on the Cohen raid without disclosing the man was his own attorney? Hannity himself took to Twitter hours later to address the issue, stating his conversations were mainly about real estate and he never retained Cohen.

But again, why wouldn’t Hannity disclose that information when he was reporting on the raid? Does this constitute a conflict of interest? Should Hannity be allowed to host his Fox News show right now?

We haven’t gone a week without some sort of major breaking news regarding the Trump administration, the Russia investigation, Stormy Daniels or Michael Cohen. I don’t know if my poor brain can keep up.

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