Former Virginia Governor Mulling Second Run?

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Former Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe is reportedly considering a second run for the Commonwealth’s top spot.

I know what you’re thinking. But Rachel, doesn’t Virginia’s Constitution bar a former governor from running again? The answer is yes and no. Virginia’s Constitution does not allow a sitting governor to run for a second consecutive term, but it doesn’t say anything about a former governor sitting out a term or two and then getting back in the mansion.

Several sources close to McAuliffe told POLITICO that Virginia’s 72nd governor was seriously thinking about another go at the governorship. This really wouldn’t surprise me, given that he’s turned down snagging the 340293809th spot in the Democratic presidential field and instead focusing on helping elect Democrats up and down the ticket. McAuliffe is a great fundraiser and a great campaigner. He’s close with the Clintons. He used to head up the DNC.

And he’s already done this before.

Had McAuliffe had today’s General Assembly, he could have pushed through his big ticket item of Medicaid Expansion and likely gotten Virginia to be one of the next in line in legalizing marijuana. With the demographic shift in the Commonwealth over the past few years, I don’t blame him for wanting another go at leading—especially now with the current state of affairs between Northam, Fairfax and Herring.

Northam, who served as number two under McAuliffe, thankfully cannot run for a second term (at this time). Fairfax is still accused of sexual assault and unlikely to run for governor in 2021. Herring admitted to wearing blackface in the 80s after admonishing Northam for doing the same, but has already announced his candidacy in the next gubernatorial election.

Things are not well in Richmond.

But the question should he? remains. He’s capable of winning, though narrowly. Do Virginians want someone new or to fall back to 2013 and essentially start over?

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